A farewell song to LA, 2003

Superior Teen-ager Girl

A farewell song to LA


You are leaving on a long way
Let luck always be with you
Let Mary give you her blessing
Come back home safely.

Darja I wish you from my heart
That you will be always happy
Let the warmth that only love has
Accompany you.

Continue with your successes
Be persevering, hardworking as in the past
Look into the bright future
Which shall bring you all the best.

It will happen very soon
That everything will be repaid to you
You will go to foreign lands
And be admired, glorified.

Stay as you are now
Let no one change you
And let all the beauty
Be in your heart.

Natasa, April 2003


Ice Triumph

I convinced myself that life is full of surprises and coincidences when I met the 17-year- old DARJA SKRLJ who came to the top of Slovene ice figure skating with her expressibility!


Her story is a story about success. She is one of a few lucky persons,who found something in her life, that gave her immense pleasure and fulfilment. These are the warm feelings for skating. "Icy" young lady with sparkling blue eyes, was born on March 13th, 1985. A native of Turjak spent her interesting childhood in the company of three older brothers. Darja is more than an ordinary young girl. With her effort she remains unbeaten on the ice and with her character she charms everybody. With her spontaneity, calmness and smile she is extremely charming, although as she says she is not very talkative. But deeds speak for themselves. Skating-Roller

Club Olimpija took her under it's wing, where she was given a chance to prove her talent. She has been doing that for 10 years, with the help of her coach and choreographer Oleksandr Skalozub. She trains every day of the week, sometimes twice a day and she says that morning trainings are the most difficult for her.

Her way up started in 1995, and she has been successfully competing in Slovenia and abroad since then. In her career she has won 45 excellent placements, 12 times she stood on the highest podium and was second, and always placed among fifteen. Last year she won the flattering title of the junior national champion, and she also did well at the European Criteriums in Poland, Hungary, Italy and Slovenia. She brought her last achievement from Yugoslavia where she was second at ISU Cup Helena Pajovic. She is most proud of her national champion title. She openly tells that she has been unfairly treated at competitions, but forgotten that quickly and moved on. Darja looks up to her model Oksana Baiul. She herself has the talent and the qualities of top-level skaters - expressibility, condition and self-confidence. She is best in spirals. She will continue with her skating in the future when she plans to teach her followers the things for which she is nowadays one of the most progressive skaters in the country.

She cannot imagine her life without the sea and holidays. She adores the colour of violets, dolphins and red roses. She is successful in her second year of the secondary school in Askerceva and she doesn't like hypocritical and insidious people. A loving family and friends mean all to Darja, and an ideal partner doesn't exist, as she says. Her motto is »live for tomorrow«. If she is as brave in the future, she will succeed in whatever she sets her mind to. I hope that the title of the Superior Teen-Ager Girl, which she really deserves, gives her special stimulation at achieving her goals!



photo: u.zagozen

review Teen-Ager Girl, May 2002, page 87